Friday, February 13, 2015

Properties at Vista Playa Madera

Vista Playa Madera is a small ecologically oriented development locate just above the beautiful beach of Playa Madera. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua. It is world famous for surfing. Yet, the rocky headlands create a myriad of different bays from great surfing to other bays with tranquil waters. There is a beach for everyone within minutes walk of the properties.
Morgan's Rock from Playa Madera
All properties have good access and excellent, potable well water. The properties have been landscaped and planted with a wide diversity of tropical plants and flowers. Thousands of tropical fruits have been planted on the properties. There are oranges, mandarin, limes, grapefruit, papaya, pineapple, bananas, cashews, pomegranate, passion fruit, cinnamon  pepper, avocados, mangoes and many, many more planted throughout the development. One can begin harvesting fresh fruit this year on some of the lots. Imagine stepping outside your door and picking fresh, organic fruit from your very own yard.

One of the lots. The foreground is a riot of papaya, pineapple, citrus, watermelons and more

These properties have been designed to ensure that each one has great views that can not be blocked by further development. There are spectacular views all the way from Costa Rica to Morgan's Rock. These are spectacular views. Many of the properties have views of the surf break at Playa Madera.

View from Vista Playa Madera
Stage 1 is composed of lots of approximately 1/4 acre, and  larger  nestled in the pristine forests above Playa Madera.  Lots in Stage 1 range from $27,995 to $99,995. Picture of Playa Madera  from one of the lots.  Stage 1 has four lots that range from 1063 meters squared to 2600 meters squared.

Lot 3 Stage 1
All the lots are located in a beautiful forested valley above Playa Madera. The forests abound with monkeys, butterflies, iguanas, and parrots. Yet, it is a very healthy place. There have been no reported cases of malaria in the state of Rivas, dengue fever is only found in urban areas. With your own well this is a very healthy place to live. My house has no screens on the windows and there are virtually no bugs to bother one.
Sunset from Vista Playa Madera

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While close to the beach they are nestled in the tropical forest above the beach. This is the best of both worlds, very close to the beach, yet set above the hustle and bustle. These forests are wonderful. They are home to a diversity of birds, butterflies, monkeys, and more.

Playa Madera

Morgan's Rock from Playa Madera

Sunset fromVista Playa Madera

 Stage 2 is just opening March 15th and will have 17 lots ranging from 500 M2 to 1500 M2. These are beautiful lots with incredible views toward the southwest from Costa Rica to Morgan's Rock.

 The new lots start at $17,995. They are just a few minutes walk from the beach and several restaurants and bars, yet nestled in the tranquility of the forest. This is a great place for a vacation home, retirement, or investment property.