Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Trip to the North central Highlands of Nicaragua

This is one of my favorite parts of Nicaragua. It is a land of verdant mountains, waterfalls, coffee and chocolate. What isn't there to love. They make some of the best coffee and chocolate in the world here!

The Malinche trees are in full blossom
Malinche trees add a wonderful spash of color to the Nicaraguan landscape. We will be planting many of them at Vista Playa Madera this rainy season. They blossom for many months during the "winter" months
The mountains outside Matagalpa
The mountains of northern Nicaragua are a wonderful area to explore and escape the heat of the central lowlands. It is a great area for hiking, exploring the forests by food or horseback, and visiting the numerous waterfalls.
Cascada Blanca a great place to swim and enjoy the beauty of the area
There is a series of waterfalls located just 15 km east of Matagalpa. There are great hikes along the river side, and wonderful swimming holes for cooling off during the heat of the day. Cascada Blanca is one of the prettiest. Ask for a very friendly Victor for direction and a short guided tour of his property. He has a few cabins being built along the river. They should be finished soon, and will be a great place to stay and explore the area, located at km 147 east of Matagalpa.
Beautiful waterfalls

These are the falls at the end of the dry season. After the rainy season they thunder over the cliffs

You can walk right behind the falls. A cool place on a hot afternoon
The mist from the falls create an incredibly cool microclimate to escape the heat of the day. The trail slips under the falls and enters a great cave behind the falls.
Delicate flowers growing in the mist of the waterfalls

A view out over the pool below Cascada Blanca from inside the cave.

The river flows through a beautiful valley
As one hikes east, downstream there are numerous small, private swimming holes. A perfect place for a picnic, or sunbathing on sun warmed rocks polished smooth by the waters. We went at the end of the rainy season, later after some rains the river swells in volume and the falls create a rushing roar.
A great swimming hole

Hidden Falls "Salto Escondido" just down stream from Cascada Blanca
One can hike from Cascada Blancas, but the trail dwindles away after about 1/2 km and one has to scramble along the river side.
Strange and beautiful flowers