Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Retirement Security in Nicaragua

Here is my idea of retirement security. Living in a beautiful, healthy location surrounded by lots of great possibilities for activities, among a circle of friends. In a house that is built and paid for, with its own alternate power and water. Enough land to have a garden to supply fresh fruits and vegetables, fish from the sea. This would provide real retirement security.

View of Playa Madera
  It is inflation proof. Your major costs are covered. Solar panels are now guaranteed for 25 years, and have a usable life expectancy of 80% for 40 years. With the climate here one can grow a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables all year round. Vista Playa Madera is planted with thousands of tropical trees. Virtually every tropical fruit imaginable have been planted from avocados and bananas, to lychees and mangoes, to pineapple, passion fruit, grapes and more. Just a few minutes walk away you have 5 different beaches and bays, from one with wild and raucous waves another with calm still waters, it all depends on the angle of the beaches and headlands. To get a retirement visa here all one needs is proof of $700 a month in income. All this can be done for under $100,000; then you are set for the rest of ones life.

View of Mogan's Rock from Playa Madera

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