Thursday, February 11, 2016

Investing in Nicaraguan Real Estate

Now it the perfect time to invest in Nicaragua real estate. After decades of stagnant growth Nicaragua is being discovered. Tourism and retirement immigration are growing at double digits. This is a sure sign that real estate prices will continue to climb.
Playa Maderas just minutes north of San Juan del Sur

 Major investments in infrastructure and tourism will continue to draw people to the country. When they experience the natural diversity and beauty of the country many will decide to buy their own little piece of paradise. You have missed the real estate booms in Costa Rica and, Mexico, and Belize. Nicaragua is the Costa Rica of 15-30 years ago, price are a 1/3 of prices in Costa Rica. A sizable percentage of the recent purchase in the area are ex-pats from Costa Rica. they are cashing in on their earnings in Costa Rican real estate and buying new properties in southern Nicaragua.
View of Playa Madera from Vista Playa Madera

They are experienced investors in Latin America real estate and know where the next best deals can be found. Prices around San Juan are higher than in other parts of the country, but that is for good reason. It has one of the best climates in the country. The cool Pacific waters moderate the temperatures tremendously. If you live on the coast the daily highs rarely climb above 30 degrees, and nights are typically between 22 and 24 degrees. The dry tropical forest of the area is very healthy with no malaria, and few other tropical diseases.
Morgan's Rock from Playa Maderas

While there is some very cheap properties in other parts of the country you get what you pay for. If you want to live in a remote, isolated area, away from the ex-pats and tourism, and all the amenities and infrastructure that brings, then you can find some very cheap properties. But, if you want to live near the sea with all the amenities: good infrastructure, great town for shopping, entertainment, and dining, boating, fishing, surfing and more then you should look to the Pacific coast. One should not under estimate the importance of the local community. It is extremely important to have a close group of friends. This area has just the right mix of ex-pats and locals. The ex-pat community is large enough that one can pick and chose friends. there are many local gatherings of friends for drinks by the water, potlucks, card games, fishing, horseback riding and more. This adds tremendously to the quality of life for new immigrants and seasonal visitors.

The great recession hit property markets very hard here. Prices plunged between the end of 2007 and 2010; people have little interest in 2nd homes, or vacation properties when their primary homes were losing value and threaten with loss. Now, that the economy has stabilized and the real estate market is rising, interest has grown tremendously. They are making million dollar improvements to the roads, port, and other infrastructure. The growth in visitors will push the real estate markets ever higher, as more and more people come to know of the beauty and diversity of this pretty country.

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Even better than reading about it? Come visit our spectacular part of the world.

Sunset from Vista Playa Madera lot

Vista Playa Madera, just minutes north of San Juan del Sur, offers ocean view lots from $26,995.

San Juan del Sur reminds me of Sayulita in Mexico 25 years ago, but prettier! Today lots without ocean views and miles from the beach are selling for 5-10 times the price of properties in Nicaragua. Compare this

A lot in Sayulita Mexico today

to this in Vista Playa Madera for 1/5 the price:

View of Playa Madera from Vista Playa Madera lot

In a much, much safer country (ranked as the 3rd safest country in all the Americas after Canada and Uruguay) and a lower cost of living.

Here is a good article on investing or retiring in Nicaragua.

International Living is a good source of information on living/retiring in Nicaragua.

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