Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Surfing Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the best kept secrets in surfing.

The real prize is the offshore winds that blow from the hot Caribbean toward the Pacific. These winds are incredibly constant. One surfing website claims they blow offshore more than 300 days a year. This wind produces beautiful, tubes for virtually the whole year.

 These winds are more concentrated in the southern part of the country where there are no high mountains to block the easterly winds.

Here are a variety of surf report and blogs on surfing in Nicaragua:

Magicseaweed Surf-Guide

As one can see in the Magicweed guide Playa Madera is incredibly consistent, ranking over 80% swell consistency for over 7 months a year, and over 50% 9 months a year. Add the consistent offshore breeze and it makes it one of the premier surf spots in all of Central America. The best waves of the year are from April to October. This makes it an outstanding area to invest. Most tropical destinations suffer from a bipolar year, just a couple of months of high season, and a long, long stretch of off season. Here the best waves occur during a time of year when typically few tourists travel to the tropics. This make it a great place to build a B&B, hotel, or a house that can be traded for another in North America or Europe Homeexchange for a few weeks a year..

Nicaragua Surf Report

surfline Nicaragua

Beachlive Surf-reports

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