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Vista Playa Madera Property Plans and Photos

Vista Playa Madera is a small ecologically oriented community nestled in the tropical forests above Playa Maderas, a few minutes north of San Juan del Sur Nicaragua. f you want more infomation you can visit our facebook page: or call Craig at 505-8754-2884.

 Stage 2 has numerous new properties for your choice and selection. Lots 1-5 Stage 2 Lot Plan:

Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 have tremendous views from the south to Costa Rica and the west where the waves of Playa Madera are visible.

Lot 2 and 3 Stage 2 View to the south

View from the boundary between lots 2,3 stage 2

Stage 2 is an area with many old tropical trees lower down the slope. These form a buffer between the properties and other developments. The steep terrain there and poor potential access make this green space unlikely to be developed. Below the properties the slope increases so no other development can ever block your views to the south and west guaranteeing unobstructed views. All the lots were designed to incorporate the best views and privacy. Privacy hedges are being planted between the property.

View from lot 4 stage 2. The lot has great views south to the El Cristo statue and west. You can see the surf break at Playa Madera from the building site. The trees in the foreground are located on the property and will be pruned to open the view even further. This is one of the larger properties with abundant space for a pool, garden and guest house.


Lot 6 has some of the best views in the area. One can see from Costa Rica all the way north to Morgan's Rock; almost 270 ocean views. Lot 8 has similar views from a slightly lower position.

View from the boundary between lots 5 and 6 stage. These lots have tremendous views from Costa Rica all the way to the northwest. Lot 6 is one of the larger lots with road access to the top and bottom of the lot, both areas have great views and it is a great property for a nice home and guest or rental home for income purposes.

Lot 8 is one of the closest properties to the beach. It has road access to the top and bottom of the property with great views of the ocean and south toward Costa Rica and El Cristo. Lot 8 has more trees on the property. There will be some selective tree removal and pruning to further open up the property to the great views.

Lot 9 is one of the most affordable lots and closest to the beach. It is perfect for a home and garden.
Lots 10, 12 and 13 are adjacent and have similar views toward the ocean. They all have access to the top and bottom of the properties. Giving great flexibilty for home location, parking, garden and possibilities for a pool.

View from lot 12

View from lot 13

View from lot 13

Lots 15, 16, and 17 are lower down the slope. They have ocean views and great views down into the forested valley filled with old tropical trees. These are some of the bigger  properties with ample space for a home, garden and guest cabins.
Stage 2 is zoned for limited removal of the larger trees on the properties, and restrictions on the type of development to preserve the unique beauty and natural wonders of the area. They are zoned for solar and wind power, although subterranean connections to the electrical grid are allowed.
Deep fresh water wells have been drilled on both stages and provide clean, potable water to all lots

Stage 1 lots are located across the valley form the other properties.
Lots 1-4 Stage 1

They are located closer to the principle road into town and are close to the beach and restaurants These properties have great views of the beach to the west. There are currently three properties for sale in stage 1. They are all larger lots with great access and lots of room for a home and guest house. Lot 4 is the largest property. It is divided from the other properties by a large gully that is forest with beautiful old tropical trees. It has great views and tremendous privacy. It is the perfect location for a small hotel or multiplex. Selective clearing and pruning will open up the ocean views further. This is your decision. All the properties have been planted with a wide variety or fruit and ornamental trees and plants. This was the first stage of development and I have already harvested some papayas, citrus and vegetables from the properties. Within a few years there will be a great bounty of free fruits available.

View from property 4 stage 1. Lots 1 and 2 have similar views that need a bit of selective clearing and pruning to open the views.

Lot 2 view stage 1

Vista Playa Madera is a unique community nestled in the forests above Playa Madera. It is located 15 minutes north of San Juan del Sur. The road into town is scheduled for paving soon which will make the drive into town even shorter making it the premier location for a home, business, or investment. This is the fastest growing area in Nicaragua. And for good reason the natural beauty is unrivalled. It is close to the beaches and all the amenities. Come visit us and see the beauty and wonders of the area. You can also visit out Facebook page to get a larger sense of the area and local activities: or call Craig at 8754-2884.

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